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Family Intervention

An Intervention for a Family in Bakersfield, CA

Addiction is a destructive force that affects the person using as well as everyone around them. It is not uncommon for an addict to believe they are hurting just themselves. Most times the addict is in denial about the severity of their problem and cannot see the damage being done. It may be hard for the family or loved one of the addict to encourage them to get the help they need because of their denial. We believe here at A Better Today that encouragement and participation from the family and loved ones is very important to the addict’s recovery. An intervention could potentially be successful in the addicted person realizing how their addiction is affecting not only them but their loved ones.

Conducting an Intervention

The time to hold an intervention is usually when your addict loved one has been approached about getting help for their problem and they have refused. The best environment to conduct an intervention in is one of love, care, and genuine concern. When an addict feels they are being attacked or put down this may result in them continuing their behavior or retreating back into their addiction. It is highly suggested that there be an unbiased third party advocate( usually a professional) to direct an intervention. A professional interventionist can help keep the process going smoothly. You want to keep the theme of the intervention one that displays the severity of the worry and concern for the addict their life and how their actions have had a negative impact on those around them. A balance between concern and assertiveness is necessary in order for the addicted loved one to really absorb the points being made. An intervention has been successful when the addicted person feels the love and support from their loved ones and agrees to pursue treatment for their substance abuse problem. If your loved one is struggling with a crippling addiction the time to prepare an intervention is now! Show your loved one your care and concern today.

Advantages of an Intervention

An intervention has many advantages in addition to being successful in convincing the addict to get help for their addiction. One of the benefits is that the loved ones of the addict can gain a deeper understanding of addiction as a whole and they will have the opportunity to express their feelings and concern with the addicted person in regards to how they have had a negative impact. The intervention aids in reopening the lines of communication between the addict and their loved ones giving them the opportunity to assist the addicted one in their recovery. It is extremely important for the family/ loved ones to be supportive of the addicted person to assist in the success of their recovery. If an addict has support of their loved ones prior to treatment and following it they are more likely to have a solidified recovery and lasting success in relation to their recovery and having a fulfilling life with their family. Give us a call today (661) 220-5055 so we can help you prepare an intervention.