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Withdrawal and Detox

Experiencing Detox and Withdrawal in Bakersfield

It is important to understand the process of detox and that you will go into withdrawals. Your body has become dependent physically on the substances that had been frequently used. We work hard here At A Better Today to make sure you are medically supervised through your detox as we minimize the effects of the withdrawals. It is vital to go through detox because it clears your mind and your system allowing you to be free from the constraints and aches of detox so that you can focus on your recovery.

How A Better Today Can Help with Withdrawal

The body becomes dependent on the chemicals a person frequently uses resulting in withdrawals for the addict when they attempt to stop. It is not uncommon for one to have fear about going through withdrawals, usually it fuels the cycle of addiction. The symptoms a person experiences through withdrawal varies dues to what the substance was and how long/often it was used. Many common effects and symptoms of substance abuse include tremors, shakes, sweats, loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, anxiety, depression, fatigue, irritability and seizures. These symptoms cause the addict to be reluctant about recovery because they don’t want to endure the pain and the cravings ultimately returning them back to using. Our medically supervised detox at A Better Today can help manage and alleviate some of these inevitable effects. Medication can help reduce the pain of withdrawals. Being completely honest about what and how much was used and the medications they are prescribed is very important for the addicted person so that the licensed professional can help devise the right plan for regulating their symptoms. The plan would revolve around the severity of the substance(s) that were used and for how long. If you are stuck in the horrors of addiction don’t wait to get help reach out now.

Detox At A Better Today

Alleviating the chemicals from your body that have built up over time is the sole purpose of detox. You are able to start the treatment process once you have cleared your system of all the chemicals. It is imperative that you communicate with your attending doctor openly and honestly about what you are taking and have used or it may result in problems devising your detox treatment plan. We offer a supervised medical detox program here at A Better Today meaning you will be prescribed medication that will help minimize your withdrawal symptoms while reducing the length of detox. Going the medically supervised route versus going “cold turkey” is much safer and physically less painful. Benzodiazepines and alcohol can cause sever withdrawal that have resulted in death. Going through a detox in a medically supervised environment should not be taken lightly. A Better Today can help if you or someone you love needs help taking the first step of combating addiction call now (661) 220-5055.