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Drug & Alcohol Rehab

In Bakersfield, CA and Need Rehab

Rehabilitation may be necessary if you or a loved one has found themselves in the grips of addiction. Options are available to combat this fatal illness. Methods of treatment and necessity work differently for each person. A comprehensive treatment program, medically supervised detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient care programs, sober living and after care are all services offered here at A Better Today. Understanding the individual need we specialize in creating a treatment plan for your personal neccesity.

Describe Rehab at A Better Today…

Taking the first step in your recovery by entering treatment here at A Better Today is a big move. It requires courage and strength to ask for help. The first phase of your treatment is where we get you stabilized and ready to enter into the next phase. During the stabilization period you will go through a supervised medical detox. To reduce your withdrawal symptoms we utilize the most advanced medicinal methods. Upon completing the stabilization period you will move on to the next stage in which we at ABT use various forms of therapy that have proven successful. The therapy itself may be individual or group and ranges from yoga therapy to equine therapy, music therapy to family therapy, CBT ( cognitive behavioral therapy) to art therapy. In addition to this intense and substantial therapy, you will receive education on addiction, access to the 12-step community, and relapse prevention as well. You will be working one on one with a therapist who has an education at a Master’s or higher level specializing in addiction and co-occurring disorders. Also a life coach will be there to help you learn the skills you will need to be successful in your recovery. Upon completion of treatment you we have developed an aftercare plan designed to fit your life following treatment. Intensive outpatient is a service we offer 3 nights a week as another route to invest in your recovery. We want to give you every option available to assist you in gaining sustaining recovery here at A Better Today.

Take Your First Step Today

Having a substance abuse addiction can easily be compared to slavery. We want to help you find your freedom here at A Better Today. Being in the grips of addiction and trying to break free can be extremely hard but we are here to help you overcome this what may seem a futile battle. We will provide you the skills you need to cope with and handle life at ABT. Through the help of our treatment program we can help you and your family recover from the severity of this chronic illness. If you have found that your life has become unmanageable, you think you may need help, or you have a loved one suffering with addiction, call us today at (661) 220-5055.