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Addiction Treatment for Bakersfield, CA

A Better Today Can Help If You Are Struggling with Addiction In Bakersfield, CA

Stopping the use of drugs and alcohol may seem impossible and you may be in a place where there is no willpower great enough to stop or keep you stopped. Addiction rewires the brain as well as affects the way a person feels when using. Reaching that “high” becomes the main focus of the addicted person with eating and sleeping coming last in importance reviving the cycle of addiction. What classifies addiction as a disease is the rewiring of the brain resulting in loss of choice in using for the addict. We do not believe that addiction is a moral failing but a chronic disease. Recovery is possible and this fatal illness can be put to rest here at A Better Today. We provide quality care and use the most up to date styles of treatment given by highly qualified professionals. Let us help you, call now (661) 220-5055.

Help for Addiction at A Better Today

Centering in the brain, addiction has an effect on the chemicals produced in the brain such as dopamine and glutamate. What makes addiction extremely difficult to combat is the dopamine that creates a pleasant euphoria the addict chases and glutamate stores that feeling into memory causing the addict to continue the use. Another factor to keep in mind is that the addict’s body gets used to the levels of dopamine the substances supplied. Stopping the use of drugs can seem impossible, and without help sometimes it is but it is necessary to succeed in recovery. Once someone quits using they will experience what may seem an overwhelming set of cravings and other symptoms depending on the substances that were used. The brain is telling the addict that it needs that high level of dopamine again followed by an intense obsession to get “high” again. The obsession to use is derived from the glutamate that has locked that euphoric feeling into memory. Our initial focus at A Better Today is getting our client stabilized, clearing their system of all the chemicals and toxins form their body through a supervised medical detox. Following the stabilization period our client will enter into intensive therapy that supplies them with alternative coping skills they can use rather than using. Addiction is a serious, potentially fatal illness if left untreated. Get help now at A Better Today.

Desperate for A Better Today in Bakersfield, CA

Reaching out for help from addiction may be easier if there is an understanding of how addiction affects the addict’s mind. The difference between getting help for a family member or loved one, and not getting help is life or death. Our therapists and professionals at A Better Today are highly qualified and have higher education and training relating to addiction. Again, we believe that the disease of addiction is not a moral failing but a chronic illness. We pride ourselves in giving our all to helping you find a new way to live and succeed in your recovery. Give us a call today if you or someone you know Is suffering with addiction (661) 220-5055.